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    You want to see all new (pre-)seed startups before they have raised a funding round with another investor. You need to monitor hundreds of websites and attend lots of conferences and pitch events - and will still miss a high number of amazing companies. We offer a fully automated startup discovery engine S.A.M that creates this deal flow for you. So you will never miss a startup and can see them before they are in the known startup databases.

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    Reviewing deal flow requires a disciplined and continuous workflow which integrates with existing tech stack. Creating weekly deal flow digests in a standardized meaningful format requires massive manual work and thus is oftentimes neglected. We offer a data feed that is coming to you either with a weekly personalized mail or ready to integrate into your systems via API. So you can create a constant deal flow which integrates into your normal routines and appears on your radar regularly.

    Personalize your search to reflect your investment thesis

    Most investors thrive best when focussing on a topic or geographic niche. Having to review hundreds of companies that are not relevant is the time consuming reality in sourcing for most investors. Our advanced search filters and AI powered S.A.M. reduces the number of companies you have to look at while at the same time increasing the relevancy based on your past decisions. Significantly increase your signal to noice ratio and still see the deals you want!

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    Axel Nitsch

    Principal High-Tech Gründerfonds

    “Since we started using Raized.ai, we’ve seen a big improvement in the variety of deals we source”, says Axel. The solution has helped the VC close blind spots in several areas. HTGF has gained insights and traction in regions such as France, the Netherlands, the UK and Eastern Europe – where previously it had been very hard to gain access without the necessary local network. Raized.ai’s different approach finds the startups earlier in the development cycle, which helps HTGF find startups much earlier – just in time for potential investments.”

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