• AI-Powered Investing

    We leverage AI to analyze & pre-select startups and connect the best of those with the right investors.

  • How it works

    Match-making: Connecting startups with investors – leveraging AI to pre-filter applications.


    Find the best investors.

    Submit your company easily, get investors recommended.


    AI-driven matchmaking

    Intelligent pre selection & matchmaking.


    Find the best startups.

    Customized, preselected deal flow & monitoring.

  • For Investors

    We bring the power of AI to venture investing – helping you to take the right decisions and find startups few other investors can see.

    • Increase your deal flow efficiency.
    • Take better investment decisions.
    • Discover the best startups earlier.

  • For Startups

    Maximize your fundraising efficiency: Easily get connected with investors from our meta database. By using AI we'll find your perfect match.

    • As a startup, apply quickly and confidentially.
    • Get your pre-filtered, individualized contacts.
    • Save time during fundraising.

  • Open Positions

    Join Our Team.

    We're looking for a DATA SCIENTIST (6-9 months internship).



    • Train state-of-the-art models.

    • Produce clean and maintainable code.

    • Collect data programmatically.

    • Pipeline management: From data layer to production deployment.


    • Degree in Computer Science or similar.

    • Knowledgeable in the fields of Machine Learning and statistics:

    • Should know basic algorithms: Both recent and older techniques.
    • Practical knowledge on how to make models work.

    • Experienced programmer.

    • Good knowledge of the Python language.

    • Has experience handling data:

    • Any major document database.
    • Any major relational database.
    • Different formats: xsl, csv, json, etc.

    • Understanding of version control and gitflow.

    • Has worked in an agile team before.

    • Basic understanding of shell.

    • Has worked with major ML libraries: Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow, etc.


    • Has worked with Docker containers and APIs before.

    • Experience with Web Scraping.

    • Experience with Microservices Architecture.



    • Now or by agreement.