We won a big prestigious client: HTGF

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Proud to announce that High-Tech Gründerfonds is now a customer of our data solution: 

“Since we started using Raized.ai, we’ve seen a big improvement in the variety of deals we source”, says Axel Nitsch. The solution has helped the VC close blind spots in several areas. 

HTGF has gained insights and traction in regions such as France, the Netherlands, the UK and Eastern Europe – where previously it had been very hard to gain access without the necessary local network. Raized.ai’s different approach finds the startups earlier in the development cycle, which helps HTGF find startups much earlier – just in time for potential investments.”

Thank you Axel Nitsch and Dominik Lohle for believing in Raized.ai's technology from the very early days and for Startupticker.ch's continued support.

Find out more: https://www.startupticker.ch/en/news/raized-ai-gewinnt-grosskunden

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