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  • “To boldly go where no one has gone before!”
    There’s new territory waiting to be discovered by those brave enough to share an entrepreneur’s bold vision.

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    No more manual going through lots and lots of startup directories, incubator websites and industry newsletter.

    Newly Discovered Startups

    We show you the startups when they first make a public appearance - indicating they are ready for a collaboration.

    Tailored to your needs

    If needed, you can tailor the list to your preferences regarding business focus, stage and sector.

    Easy integration

    In addition to the PDF report we deliver you the raw data as CSV file to integrate into your database or deal flow too.

    Extended Search

    Our data is using a sophisticated taxonomy of 750+ entries, provides a startup’s business focus (B2B / B2C), location and founding date.

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    Lay back and we’ll send you a list of new startups every two weeks - with a total of 600-700 per year.

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