• Investment intelligence platform

    Using AI to make venture capital more intelligent, data-driven and automated – helping VCs focus on what matters most.

  • Startup investing is still done manually in most VC funds, lagging behind in speed & efficiency that AI- and data-driven approaches already enable in other industries

    The full Raized.ai investment funnel helps VCs, business angels, and corporate investors reduce blind spots, automate their screening process and use AI to support intelligent decisions

  • The old way

    The typical investor deal funnel


    Blind spot: invisible startups

    50% of startups (=30.000 in Europe) NOT visible


    Manual process & FOMO

    Screening: 1.000 startups


    Many unknowns

    Due Diligence: 100 startups

    Deal: 10 startups

    Success: 1 startup

  • The new way

    The full Raized.ai investment funnel

    Automated deal flow & active sourcing

    No more blind spots

    Fast-paced, digitized screening process

    No more manual screening

    Data driven, AI-powered investment intelligence

    Less biased decisions

  • For investors

    Business angels, syndicates, small to large VC funds, corporate Investors, accelerators, incubators, startup enablers

    Startup discovery

    Reduce blind spots and discover promising startups early

    Startup analysis

    Deep analytical data about the startup that can't be seen manual screening

    Trend barometer

    Discover fact-based market trends early

    Competitive landscape

    Get the competition mapped out and see crowded or empty spaces

    Deal-flow screening

    Personalized and brandable screening funnel, out-of-the box

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