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We are getting ready for our public beta - exposing our data-driven European startup deal flow to our customers and prospects. It's so exciting to finish building our data platform (we even stayed in time and budget!):

  • defining the requirements based on our private beta,
  • planning how to implement it,
  • building the modules in the backend & frontend,
  • training machine learning models to augment the data and putting them to production (here I am especially proud as we were doing this the first time),
  • finally putting it all together e2e.

And then... Magic happens 🔮

With our new platform we deliver personalized digest of newborn startups, e.g. for

  • a SaaS investor active in the DACH region,
  • a healthcare VC covering all Europe
  • a pre-seed investors interested in Eastern Europe etc.

Me (Penny), I am so grateful to be working with such a fantastic team: 

And for my amazing advisors and coaches: 

Do you want to join our public beta and receive your personal dealflow? 

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