Raized.ai selected for Boston Consulting Group "Startup Unlock"

· startup competition,market analysis,strategy,mentoring

We’re happy to share that Raized.ai was successfully selected to participate in the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) “Startup Unlock” program. 🎉

This means we are getting 10 weeks of support by 9 Boston Consulting Group (BCG) experts to work on some of our most pressing, strategic challenges. 💪

We are excited and thankful to work with Niklas Erik Sommer, Ville Vilkuna, Marius Husmann, Alex Ambühl, Francesca Sabena, Philipp Seidl, Dr. Mark Kibanov, Dr. Stefan Trifonov and Bastian Faulhaber from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) team -- and thanks a lot to Patrik Birkle for organizing and setting up this project. 🙏

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